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About us

ATP is, and has been for over 20 years, a specialist in the manufacture and supply of rack cabinets for ICT-, electronics-, and industrial automation sectors. Founded in 1980, the company immediately became a protagonist the mechanical sector, rapidly evolving thanks to the experience gained and continuous renewal, developing unique skills in the design and production of standard and customised rack structures.

Company vision

R&D are the main focus of ATP’s project, enabling to create cabinets able to respond to all needs and demands, with extreme attention to innovation. Direct relationships with partners guide technicians in the creation of functional, resistant and high quality standard solutions, meeting the requests of important Italian and international companies.


Company structure

ATP’s in-house technical department takes care of the design of standard solutions, designing and planning made-to-measure solutions, in response to clients. The production department is equipped with a warehouse for storage of materials, that are then cut, folded, painted and assembled. The quality control department guarantees the perfect functions of each and every product, as well as the high standards of each solution, thanks to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification for production processes.

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